Friday, February 12, 2010

The Power of Potlach and Comunicato

OWA is developing a product in partnership with the Knowledge Transfer Company called Comunicato. Comunicato is a highly effective way to enable any professional to create low cost, professionally designed and edited videos that can be sent to customers and viewed on their smart phones or PCs. The key to the solution is sending thoughtful ideas that clients can use. By doing so, the knowledge based service provider can increase his share of mind or "personal branding" with his target clients. The tool is inexpensive and can be delivered from a client's site. No expertise or skill in video is needed.

I was reminded of the core value of our product when reading Seth Godin's blog. Seth emphasized the value of giving gifts as a tool for developing relationships and networks. The key to Comunicato is using the tools to teach your network something of value, something you know that they don't. This type of Potlach marketing is key to anyone who sells knowledge based services for a living.

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