Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Relationship Leverage and Ntrinsx

Relationship Leverage is the notion that one can use technology, particularly social media and video tools to radically increase your capacity to communicate and create meaningful value for your extended network. One of the keys to effective relationship leverage is understanding just how your clients, prospective clients, partners and influencers like to be communicated with - what is their style? How do they behave? Our portfolio company, Ntrinsx has developed an extremely intuitive, consumer friendly online personality assessment tool that gives its users an easy to learn and communicate language for understanding human behavior. It's based on 4 colors for the four core behavior types. Companies use Ntrinsx's color methodology to communicate the behavioral strengths, weaknesses and preferences of their team. For example, here is how Google uses the Ntrinsx color schema to communicate the behavior preferences of its top executives:

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Note the colored spheres beneath the pictures: the big sphere is the dominant behavior type, the smaller one is the secondary type. For example, Eric Schmidt is dominant Orange, which means agressive, outgoing, interested in the new thing, while his minor is Blue - relationship oriented, focused on people. Sergey Brin's dominant color, by contrast is Yellow - focused on responsibility, structure, order, as is Larry Page's minor.

Ntrinsx is a highly customizable web service that can be integrated quickly into any workflow to meet a wide range of assessment needs: customers/prospective customers, recruits, employees, trainees. The technology allows companies to assess an entire distributed population in a matter of days.

By being able to get a clear picture of who you're interacting with quickly and cheaply, you can better focus your communications and ideas so that they will have impact for each person's style. Using on line tools to understand and adapt to you customers and relationships' preferences is one way to get relationship leverage.

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