Monday, April 26, 2010

Never Sell Technology Short

Autoweek Magazine points out that current cars produce 98.5% less pollution while barreling down the Freeway than their predecessors did sitting still with their engines turned off.

The operating 2010 Mustang is 98.5 percent cleaner than the 1970 with its engine shut off, according to Ed Kulick, an emissions regulatory planner in Ford’s vehicle Environmental Engineering Department.
The ’10 Mustang has demand-based fuel injection with no return lines, hydrocarbon impermeable fluorocarbon gaskets and evaporative emissions canisters that eliminate gasoline vapor seepage, even during refueling. The ’70 Mustang emitted the equivalent of 3.7 grams of hydrocarbon (HC) per mile sitting still, according to Kulick. The ’10 is certified at 0.055 gram of HC per mile when cruising the interstate at 70 mph.
The 1970 ’Stang had Detroit’s first rudimentary apparatus to control exhaust emissions It met federal standards of 4.3 grams of HC, 39.6 grams of carbon monoxide (CO) and 4.1 grams of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) per mile. The 2010 generates no more than 0.055 gram HC, 2.1 grams of CO and 0.070 gram of NOx, for reductions of 98.7 percent, 94.7 percent and 98.3 percent, respectively.

Some will interpret this as a magnificent achievement of regulation, others of unfettered capitalism.  The news will be used to both justify global warming regulation and to reject it.  Regardless, the fact remains that the human mind's capacity to imagine the future is almost unlimited and over ever shortening timescales has the capacity to stun us with its inventiveness.  So as you make decisions, it's important to recognize just how fast the technology event horizon is creeping up on you while you're out on the Openwater.

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